Our goals are:
- Spread the quality and the certification within the agro-food sector
- Act according to the UNI CEI EN 45011, with commitment to keep the accreditation by SINCERT
- Operate (with interested customers) according to the IFOAM Basic Standard and IFOAM Accreditation criteria with commitment to keep the accreditation by IFOAM
- Operate (with interested customers) according to criteria established by rules or standard of non-european countries, with commitment to reach and keep the possible accreditation
- Create internal working conditions in order to make everyone understand the business decisions trough propel training 
- Reach the satisfaction of certified operators, offering a service compliant with laws, efficient, impartial and objective, independent, confidential, checked
- Become for our certified operations a trustworthy mean to instill faith to their customers
- Be a professionalism guarantee for consumers, liability, independency and impartiality
- Assure in a documented and continuative way that the staff involved in the certification process is free from conflict of interest for operators they work for
- Implement a constant improvement our qualitative standards according to middle-term goals fixed by Board of Directors, even in the light of periodical reassessments.
- To reach these goals, Bios operates through the valorization of human resources taking care of training, the total and continue involvement of each Bios staff member, the care of internal relationships based on reciprocal confidence, the care of external relationships in particular with certified operators.

BIOS sets itself the following base values, called “cultural principles”:
- Customer satisfaction
- Continue improvement
- Respect for the direction and within colleagues
- Technology and innovation
- Team work
- Work satisfaction and winning spirit

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