Guarantee, to business and customers an objective, accurate and reliable control and a certification of the organic production method. This is the milestone characterizing Bios’ activity and organization, Certification Body authorized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. With us, operators following the organic farming principles can count on a fundamental heritage of experience and knowledge, converting in an efficient and effective service.

Assure to operators a qualified and widespread presence within the territory. At Bios this concretizes with a staff continuously trained, which is our real point of strength.

Spread the organic culture not only as a productive or economic option but also as an ethical choice. We always put to the fore, within our relations with operators, the professional ethic, the transparency and the clearance.
The Head and peripheral offices and the Certification Committee are the three main pillars constituting the Bios’ structure.

The Head Office manages the technical and administrative areas, coordinates the activity of peripheral offices, the IT, keeps relations with local and private governments relating the organic production, does the technical control activity within Veneto.

Peripheral offices do the technical activity within their competent area. They has also a representative duties with regional authorities interested and involved in the control activity of organic production.

The Certification Committee evaluates and checks the requests of admission to the system of control. In particular the Commission assesses and verifies control files of operators certified by Bios. It expresses a binding decision for the definitive admission or exclusion of operators to the system of control according to the EC reg 834/07; it ratifies all the certificates issued. To grant the impartiality and the objectiveness of our certifications, the Certification Committee is composed by six members representing all the stakeholders of the organic sector.

Quickness and severity, the four phases of the certification
Following are summarized the four phases leading to the Bios certification of the organic production method:
1. Initial phase: formulation by the operator of the admission request to the control system of Bios. Evaluation of the operator’s suitability, contract predisposition and admission to the Bios control system
2. Inspection and tests: the real control phase, implemented periodically trough production site survey and tests on the production. The aim is to verify the files consistency and the conformity of operators and their products to the organic production method.
3. Product certification: this phase consists in the assess, by the Activity Control Responsible and the Certification Committee of the entire documentation concerning the operator admitted to the Bios control system. If the conformity is proved, the certificate is issued.
4. Documentation issuing: all necessary files are issued to the operator to prove its subjection to the organic production system 

Organic without limits
The organic market led by the continuous increase of consumption, is overcoming national borders to became worldwide. To face this evolution, within the Bios Head Office in Marostica (VI) the Foreign Office has been activated

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